Indiana Jane
Strike the compass – Indiana Jane is swinging in for Sister Jane's latest drop, rejigging our latitudes and longitudes to a place where forbidden fruit meets bare necessities…

Just like a bumble bee, a sheer organza blouse will send you in a buzz and have you melt like molten copper. She's branching out, inch-worming her way through the outside lands in a retro denim zip-up boiler suit.

And it gets graphic: like a tiger, the striped midi strikes again this time in an optical illusion of black, cherry, and Passiflora pink – it’s a millennial concrete jungle. Take a rain check in shirts with cascading ruffles, or follow the deep creek into Monkey See jacquard, or the cascading pleats of the Canary midi dress...

Maximalist adornments are this curious creature’s second nature: embellished buckle fastenings, Sapphire blue jewelled buttons, and the most exotic of florals woven through delicate lace, ornate prints, and layered over organza.

High time you found a shady spot, because Honeydew, it's going to be hot.